Burley 9312 Bosworth Firecube Wood Burning Stove

Burley 9312 Bosworth Firecube Wood Burning Stove

Burley 9312 Bosworth Firecube Wood Burning Stove
12kW rating
84.1% efficiency
Optional room sealing kit
Manufactured in the UK
Fireball flame effect

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Colour Black
Height 78cm
Width 57cm
Depth 40cm
Guarantee 5 years parts and labour
kW Rating 12


The Burley 9312 Bosworth Firecube Wood Burning Stove has a 12kW output with 84.1% of efficiency. It is designed to easily convert an inefficient and draughty open fireplace into a highly effective source of heat and centre piece for your home. Burley manufacture their stoves in Britain, and where possible all components as well as the steel being British steel. The majority of stoves draw their air from the room often through vents at the top and bottom of the door. Unfortunately, this also draws huge amounts of warm air from the room and losing it up the chimney. This is replaced by cold air from outside creeping in through windows and doors. Burley stoves, however, draw their air through a vent at the rear where it is cooler and therefore more efficient. The Firecube range are contemporary variations of the popular Fireball, the world's most efficient wood burning stove. The Fireball technology envelops the entire fuel bed, burning it so completely that there is no need for an ash pan. 100kg of wood can be reduced to just 1 pint of ash. To see the amazing flame effect please visit http://burley.co.uk/category/wood-burning-stoves/


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