Meaco CAHEPA119X5 Air Purifier

Meaco CAHEPA119X5 Air Purifier

Meaco CAHEPA119X5 Air Purifier
Allergy UK seal of approval
Removes airborne allergens from the air
Filter change indicator
Automatically responds to level of dirt in air
Works in rooms up to 198m³

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Product Description

Additional Information

Colour White
Height 68cm
Width 25cm
Depth 45cm
Guarantee 2 years parts and labour


The Meaco CAHEPA119X5 Air Purifier features a particle counter which varies the air purifiers performance depending on the number of allergens in the air and a colour changing light that indicates the quality of the room air.  A filter replacement indicator will tell you when to replace the filter set. It also has a sleep mode to reduce the fan speed and turn off the lights to ensure a good nights sleep with purified air. The enhanced charcoal filter contains 450g +/-20g of charcoal for superior odour removal.  The enhanced charcoal and HEPA filters have a rubber gasket seal to make sure that no air can pass through the air purifier without being cleaned. The MeacoClean range has been designed to offer you a superior air cleaning solution to your allergy problems at an affordable and sensible price. You can buy the Meaco CAHEPA119X5 safe in the knowledge that you are buying an air purifier that really will make a real difference to your quality of life.

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