Bosch CTL636ES6 Coffee Machine

Bosch CTL636ES6 Coffee Machine

Bosch CTL636ES6 Coffee Machine
Home Connect
Removable drip tray
Automatic descaling & cleaning
Child lock
Removable 2.4 litre water tank

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Additional Information

Type Integrated
Colour Stainless steel
Height 45cm
Width 60cm
Depth 40cm
Guarantee 2 years parts and labour


The Bosch CTL636ES6 Coffee Machine offers unparalleled variety with highest comfort. It is suitable for coffee beans or ground coffee and with a 2.4 litre water tank you won't have to refill it too often. Any coffee or milk speciality is at the touch of a button - even two cups at the same time. A touchscreen display lets you select the coffee and the strength of it. Different coffees require the espresso shot to be heated at a different temperature to achieve the perfect result. sensoFlow does this automatically, providing delicious beverages again and again. Get extra-strong coffee without the bitterness thanks to two specialised grinding and brewing processes. A fully-automatic steam cleaning after every beverage takes complete care of the daily cleaning of the milk system. If that wasn't enough this coffee machine also connects to your smartphone should you wish, so you can come home to a nice hot coffee.
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