Meaco 12L AH Home Dehumidifier

Meaco 12L AH Home Dehumidifier

Meaco 12L AH Home Dehumidifier
10 litre extraction rate
Easy to use controls
Low running costs
Small and lightweight
Quiet in operation
Suitable for up to 3 bedrooms

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Additional Information

Colour White
Height 50cm
Width 25cm
Guarantee 1 year parts and labour
Extraction Rate 12L
Property Size (Bedrooms) 2-3
Water Container Capacity 1.7L


The Meaco 12L AH Home Dehumidifier stands out from other dehumidifiers thanks to its cuboid like design with a double sided air intake topped off with a circular, control panel complete with large, colour changing digits. Externally the look of the Meaco 12L AH might be different, but internally it has the same quality components upon which Meaco has built its reputation for solid, reliable dehumidifiers. It will deal with mould, condensation and damp in apartments through to 3 bedroom houses. Power consumption is rated at just 183 watts at 20°C and 60%rh which would be typical of conditions in a British home. At these conditions the Meaco 12L AH, based on an electricity charge of 15.32pence/kWh, would cost you just 2.78pence/hour to run.

It has a large digital display with colour changing digits (depending on how damp the air is) to show you the current room readings and to set your target relative humidity, a 1 - 24 hour off timer and a double sided air inlet with combined dust and charcoal filter. When the relative humidity in your home is below the mould growth level the display on the Meaco 12L AH will display the readings in blue, outside of this comfort zone it will display the readings in red or green to warn you if your home is becoming too damp or too dry. The dual air inlet has a double walled filter removing both dust particles and smells from the air thanks to its combined particle and charcoal filter.

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