Hoover HDP1DO39X Full Size Dishwasher

Hoover HDP1DO39X Full Size Dishwasher

Hoover HDP1DO39X Full Size Dishwasher
13 place settings
Start delay
9 programmes
Rapid wash
Digital controls

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Product Description

Additional Information

Type Free standing
Colour Stainless steel
Height 85cm
Width 60cm
Energy Efficiency A+
Guarantee 1 year parts and labour
Dishwasher Type Full size
Washing and Drying Efficiency (for Washer-Dryers) A
Washing and Drying Capacity (for Washer-Dryers) A
Place Settings 13


The Hoover HDP1DO39X Full Size Dishwasher, in stainless steel, allows you to wash up to 13 place settings in one load. Choose from nine different programmes to suit your needs, including a rapid wash that lets you clean lightly dirty dishes in just under half an hour – ideal for a speedy clean up after dinner. Press the Super Eco button to provide an average energy and time saving of 25% depending on the wash cycle. It will reduce the water intake, temperature and the drying time during the final rinse. Choose the Start Delay to delay the start of the wash from 1-23hrs, enabling you to arrive home just in time for when the cycle finishes. It also enables you to take advantage of cheaper-rate electricity tariffs


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