Liebherr UWTES1672 Wine Cooler

Liebherr UWTES1672 Wine Cooler

Liebherr UWTES1672 Wine Cooler
5 shelves
Can hold 34, 0.75 Bordeaux bottles
LED lighting
Digital temperature display
Door alarm
Child lock
SoftSystem closing mechanism

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Product Description

Additional Information

Type Integrated
Colour Silver
Height 85cm
Width 60cm
Energy Efficiency B
Guarantee 2 years parts and labour
Fridge Type Wine cooler
Fridge Volume 94L


The Liebherr UWTES1672 Wine Cooler is capable of holding up to 34, 0.75 Bordeaux bottles. The 5 shelves including wooden racks that are hand-crafted and made from untreated wood, are optimally designed for the secure storage of Bordeaux bottles, and provide a clear overview and convenient access. If bottles are placed facing in different directions alternately, the storage capacity can be fully utilised. Maintaining the proper humidity is an important aspect for the storage of wines. In this way, corks remain supple and do not dry out. Wine should be stored in a horizontal position to keep the corks moist from the inside. With over 50 % air humidity, wine cabinets guarantee the perfect conditions. The air humidity can be controlled as required in the wine storage cabinets by pressing the ventilation button.

Constant storage temperatures are required to allow wines to mature to perfection. The ideal temperature for maturing is the same for all wines, whether red or white, and lies between +10°C and +12°C. The precision electronic control system combined with state-of-the-art climate technology ensures that the set temperatures in the interior are continuously maintained, even when the ambient temperature is subject to severe fluctuations. The precision electronic control system is equipped with a digital temperature display, and provides information on the set values. The door and temperature alarm alerts the user visually and acoustically to any irregularities, e.g. a door that has been left open. The child lock prevents any inadvertent changes to the control panel. The innovative LED lighting guarantees the even illumination of the interior without UV exposure. Since minimal heat is generated by the LEDs, wines can be presented bathed in light over a prolonged period of time.


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