NEFF T66TS6RN0 Induction Hob

NEFF T66TS6RN0 Induction Hob

NEFF T66TS6RN0 Induction Hob
Cooktop-based hood control
2 FlexInduction zones
4 zones in all
17 power levels
TwistPad Fire controls
LED timer
Automatic pan recognition
Safety cut out facility

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Product Description

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Colour Black
Depth 55cm
Guarantee 2 years parts and labour
Hob Type Induction hob
Number of Hob Zones 4
Controls Touch controls


The 60cm wide NEFF T66TS6RN0 Induction Hob has two FlexInduction zones and room for 4 pans at a time. With induction cooking, the heat is generated directly in the cookware for precise cooking that stops when power is off. The FlexInduction zones is divided into three heating zones on each: boiling in front, simmering in the middle and warming in the rear. The TwistPad® Fire controls are a removable, magnetic, illuminated control knob that gives you precise, convenient control over all cooking zones. And to make things even easier, only the selectable functions are illuminated. The FryingSensor with 5 selectable temperature settings monitors the set temperature and holds it steady. So there's no more burning. An LED timer and display means you can set a time for each zone to be on, for precise cooking. With automatic pan recognition, the hob won't heat up if there is a spoon left on top, only a pan and it will turn off when the pan is lifted off. Only the base of the pan heats up, so only the precise amount of energy you need is ever used. For safety there is a control panel lock and a safety cut out facility. Additionally, this hob gives you cooktop-based hood control - convenient operation of the hood via the hob (with matching hood).


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